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"Newcomer Sophie Jones was magnificent. Beautiful look, beautiful presence, beautiful voice."

         - Greer Firestone, BroadwayWorld, for Camelot

"Sophie Jones is absolutely delightful... She has a stunning voice and brings a sweetness to the character that would make a man fall in love with her within 24 hours."

    - Charles "Ebbie" Alfree, III, Delaware Arts Info, for Brigadoon

"Sophie Jones shines as Amneris... With Jones’ phrasing and presence, “My Strongest Suit” is finely comical, “I Know The Truth” despairing."

    - Hugh Hunter, The Philadelphia Inquirer, for Aida

"Sophie Jones plays Navarro's vixen and is delightful..."

         - Pati Buehler, BroadwayWorld, for A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

"Jones is just delightful as Cinderella. You feel for her when she is laughed at by her stepsisters... You get a little chuckle from her as she runs away from the prince (and will appreciate both of her pratfalls, which are executed flawlessly), [and] you will be impressed when she sings “On the Steps of the Palace”..."

          - Anthony SanFilippo, Delco Culture Vultures, for Into the Woods

Originally from Mankato, Minnesota, Sophie graduated summa cum laude and valedictorian of her department, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from Minnesota State University, Mankato.


After spending three years performing in theaters around the Philadelphia area, Sophie decided her love of bagels was too strong and made the move to the Big Bad Apple. She's currently based in NYC, but with her love of adventure who knows where she'll go next!

With her (incredibly rare) free time, Sophie can be found painting inside the lines on a canvas paint-by-number, figuring out chord progressions of video game theme songs on her ukulele or guitar, or cuddling up in a huge blanket with a hot cup of coffee and reading true crime novels with her pup, Myrtle.


"Acting is a way for me to step outside of myself for a little while and experience someone else's pain, relief, sorrow, anger, and joy. It's incredibly cathartic. By getting to know each character intimately, I get to know myself a little bit more every day. Plus, in what other profession do you get to be a leg lamp?"

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